About Us

Ken Rempel is the founder and owner of a heavy construction equipment manufacturing company http://ktec.com/about-us. He became involved in earth excavation in MB, Canada, after a devastating flood in 1997. After this event, Ken participated in many flood protection projects such as earthen dikes and construction of elevated building pads. In 2018, Ken and his family moved to a ranch they purchased north of Greybull, WY, where he operates the R&D testing site for K-Tec Earthmovers.

Thomas Loewen is also from MB, Canada. He worked with Ken Rempel both in an excavation company and during the first few years of the formation of the company K-Tec Earthmovers. After this, he formed his own excavation company and later started the company http://www.dirtpro.ca/ with his uncle. In 2016, Tom and his family moved onto a ranch that they purchased east of Greybull, WY. A few years later, not finding ranching/farming to be all he expected, he decided to get back into excavation.

Mark Schmidt is originally from Alabama. He owned and operated a heavy construction company there since 1997. This company provided all types of excavation services, including being the GC for all site work and underground utilities on large housing developments. He and his family moved to a ranch/feedlot operation they purchased near Burlington, WY, in 2011. For similar reasons as Tom, he is moving away from ranching and has joined us in our new venture at Summit Exc.

As the owners, we bring together over 50 years of experience in our field. Here at Summit Excavation & Grading, we are passionate about excavation contracting and heavy equipment, and we look forward to working with you on your next project.